Fire Extinguishing Agent (Alcohol Resistant )

Fire Extinguishing Agent (Alcohol Resistant )

Product Description

Alcohol Resistant Foam Extinguishing Agent (YEK-6A) is made with the water soluble macromolecular compoud, fluoro-carbonate surface active agent, and hydrocarbonate surface active agent. It has good effect on the water soluble liquid water and non-polar liquid fire.
Applied areas:
1. Fight for the polarity of fire, such as methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanone, tetrahydrofuran, etc.
2. Fight for the non-polar fire, such as hydrocarbons
3. Fight for the Class A Fire by the water spraying
4. Fimilar. To the aqueous film-forming Foam Extinguishing Agent
The product is widely used in oil field, oil refineries, oil depots, oil tanker, wharf large-scale chemical plants, chemical fiber plants, petrochemical enterprises, chemical products warehouses, and other distillery.
Approvals and listings (Chinese GB15308-2006)

1 Item
Specific Gravity20 degree Technical Data
2 pH 20 degree 6.0_7.5
3 viscosity 20 degree 6% ≤0.015
4 Pour point degree ≤-10
5 Sediments 20 degree % ≤0.1
6 Corrosive rate
(mg/ ( d. Dm 2 )) ≤15

7 Foam multiple 20 degree ≥6.5
8 25%Drainage Time 20 degree min ≥6.0
9 Extinguishing Time (s) ≤90
10 25%Burnback Time( min ) ≥12
Mixture ratio: YEKJ6/ H 2 O: 6/94

Sealing, cool, indoor. Dry and vent under 0 ~ 40 degree ambient temperature
Effective period: Two years

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